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TPS is an international company with 20 years of experience, offering the armoring products and services required to cope with the new security and transportation needs that our society demands.

Today more than ever, the safety of you and your family is a priority. We invite you to enjoy your time and the fruits of your labor, knowing that you will always be safe traveling in an armored TPS

For us, failing is not an option; that is why, we offer more than an armored vehicle, we offer you a TPS – the vehicle with the highest quality and performance in Mexico.


Since its creation in 1994, Transportadora de Protección y Seguridad, S.A. de C.V. has distinguished itself for its service-oriented vision and efficiency – a characteristic that has allowed it to revolutionize the armored car market and quickly establish itself as the number one supplier of premium, high quality vehicles with armored protection.

Thanks to our strong customer commitment orientation, our professional consulting service for before and after the sale and its efficient and innovative production process, we at TPS have gained the trust of nationally recognized executives, important corporations as federal and state governments. Today TPS is proud to have more than 1,800 armored units in operation through out the country.

Located in a fully equipped plant of 5,500  square meters and with a yearly capacity of 540 units, TPS is an  industry standard, offering sales, leasing, transportation and maintenance of armored vehicles with unmatched effciency in comfort and security.


The mission is the reason for the existence of our company and the purpose that pushes us each day to seek the elements which make TPS the safest option in the market.

“At TPS we understand that our client and his/her wellbeing is the reason we exist. Failing in any operation that we carry out with our armored vehicles is not an option.”


In 2015, Transportadora de Protección y Seguridad will solidify itself as the number-one supplier of premium, high-level-protection armoring. As a result of its strategic alliances, it will continue its development in the global market.

  • Absolute ethics in armoring
  • Reciprocal trust with our clients
  • Passion for detail
  • Discipline in every operation
  • Integration of human capital
  • Sense of transcendence
  • Courtesy
  • Social responsibility and ecological
  • Commitment to Human Capital
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